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July 01, 2005

Law School Admission Myths

Christine Hurt, who served on Marquette University's Law School Admissions committee this year shares her perspective after her maiden year on the committee.  "Admissions Myths" analyzes five truisms.

I would like to take issue with #2. Certainly someone who changes schools every year is going to raise eyebrows and have explaining to do. But we have had many clients transfer with high grades from a junior college and maintain those grades at a public university. As long as they also had the qualifying LSAT, they were accepted at top law schools throughout the country. So don't despair if you started your college career at a junior college.  If you have the appropriate grades, coursework, and LSAT, it won't be held against you.

I also suspect that #4 may be true at Marquette, but is not true at all law schools.

Nonetheless thanks to Professor Hurt for the insights.

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